Saturday, November 29, 2014

Northern Cardinal

November 25, 2014

The Northern Cardinal is my first official check on my bird watching list.  My seven year old son and I went to a local bog garden.  The first birds to come out of hiding were the cardinals.  We thrilled how the forested area came back to life as we stilled ourselves.  Playful squirrels rounded a corner and almost barreled into us.   Numerous birds came out - we thrilled at seeing two different types of woodpeckers - a female downy and a female and male red breasted.  I will post about them soon.
Most birds I could not officially recognize and will have to resort to my birding books to identify them.  

The Cardinal Bird - a poem by William Davis Gallagher

Cardinal Bird Sounds:  HERE


  1. This is great Marge! A family affair will bring lots of returns in terms of quality time together. There are lots to see and experience. Otherwise none are recorded on the squirrels and woodpeckers. Will follow you on this,Ma'am!


  2. us too, we will follow your journey! love this. keep em coming!